Say goodbye to long term and expensive treatments that don’t work!

Introducing the first and only at home Cryotherapy handheld device to remove age spots.
Now in Canada! 

Health Canada approved medical device.

Cryotherapy technology for use at home!

Cryokleen is easy to use and effective! based on cryotherapy technology used by doctors.

Visible results after first treatment !

*Usually 10-14 days after treatment, the treated area turns dark and comes off, the natural body healing process allows healthy skin to grow back.

*Results may vary from person to person. For stubborn spots you can treat the age spots up to 4 times.

The most cost-effective product in the market!

CRYOKLEEN kit comes with 30 applications, the price per spot treatment is less than 10% of what you will pay at the doctor's office!

Safe and easy to use !

Cryokleen device has a pre-dosed dispensing system that automatically dispenses the right amount of cooling liquid to carry out the treatment effectively.


Age Spots Remedy
Age Spots Device
Cryotherapy Device

*Do not use Cryokleen on the face. Before use, carefully read all the instructions and warnings contained in the information manual.

"After 15 days of the Cryokleen treatment, I noticed a difference in my skin colour and it looked like the pigmentation had gone.I was very surprised and happy about it.”
- Maddalena
“In just two weeks, I can’t believe my spots are gone. Cryokleen is amazing!” - Barbara

How to use Cryokleen in 4 easy steps: